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Blog by stock photographer and former geography teacher Ian Murray linked to website and my Photoshelter photo galleries.

There are around 70,000 high quality professional images hosted here:

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  1. I was taught by Miss Folland when I was at Swanshurst Grammar School for Girls in Birmingham, from 1963 to 1970. Miss Folland was a really amazing teacher who brought Geography to life with frequent visits to see features like how a river undercuts a river bank or how land use in areas on the edge of Birmingham was changing. We were encouraged to look and to ask questions. Every holiday Miss Folland would be an intrepid explorer of far away countries none of us had even heard of. She taught through showing us her slides of people and landscapes and expanded our world view dramatically. We all really enjoyed the way she taught Geography!

    I would love to see any of her slides from her travels at the time. The photo you have shown of Miss Folland is exactly as I remember her.
    Thank you
    Jo Cole

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