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Galicia, north west Spain

Rodas beach, Cies islands, Atlantic Islands national park, Galicia, Spain

Yellow-legged gull, Cies islands, Atlantic Islands national park, Galicia, Spain

One week taking the pictures around Vigo, Cies Islands, inland Galicia. One week processing the RAW files. One week adding captions and tags.

At the end of that three weeks I have over 600 new images. They start at Stansted, including some aerial pics of the Jurassic coast ( Poole harbour Old Harry Rocks, Swanage Bay, Portland and Chesil beach), and then cover the places mentioned above.

There is great variety in quite a small area. There is virtually no foreign tourism, or Spanish tourism either away from the coast. Many of the inland mountain villages lost their population to migration, especially to Mexico, Central and South America. Extended familes return in summer for their village fiesta often staying for weeks or months if they can. A lot of the old houses are left derelict the migrants having built large modern homes ( mansions often) for themselves after a lifetime or work abroad.

Also HEP and a medieval town centre to explore at Ribadavia. Then there is wine of the Rebeiro region!

I nearly forgot the prehistoric ruins of Castro Culture.

A selection of images is on my home page, the rest you can easily find using obvious search terms depending on your interest.

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