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Quaternary industry – Cambridge Science Park

“NAPP pharmaceutical group building architect Arthur Erickson at Cambridge Science Park Cambridge England “

See that CCTV camera on the corner of the building? One just like that certainly saw me and out came a security guard to ‘help me’. I had to go inside – it seemed best to co-operate – and it turned out to be very helpful that I could direct them to Geography Photos as proof of my bona fides. After that they wished me well and let me loose. I have 16 pictures of the NAPP building in this set ( plus a few older ones from a previous visit in the days of film) and then more around the Science Park. Students could use these images to research the types of businesses based here with some additional research to learn about transport links, situation, and so on. Google Maps and Street View cover it well.

This was back in 2013. I spent a couple of hours photographing the while Kim was shopping in the city centre. It would be interesting to revisit – one for my mental list

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