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Past 3000 for ’23

“The Ridgeway, pre-historic route crossing chalk downland view east from near Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, England, UK” May 2023

Finally, I have completed my Mexico pictures! I have 2225 ‘keepers’ from that trip and although there have been no sales yet I have seen a few signs of interest in buyers viewing them on Alamy. It can take months between an image being viewed and a sale being reported so it is encouraging to see some early activity.

I had the end of June in my mind as a target and am now well past 3000 new images created in 2023. As for context. 3238 as my total in 2000 ( lockdown), 3770 in 2021 (some lockdown), and only 2652 ( not sure what happened!) in 2022. So, who knows, maybe 6000 for 2023?

I really needed Mexico to get the stock production back on track and am now really looking forward to the next stock photo trip – which will be UK first and then Galicia, Spain.

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