Ipswich Wet Dock – over 500 pics

This one dates from 2010 but I have others going back to circa 1994 from Northgate High School geography field trips. Back then the purpose was to study the changing land use and then for the students to gather data so that they could produce a ‘decision-making’ report on how they would plan the area’s future.

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Out of curiosity I just did a few searches on Geography Photos, and depending on the precise search terms used, found over 500 images of Ipswich Dock/Wet Dock/Docks/.

Add ‘1990s’ to your searches to see these old images and see how much change has taken place. Back in 1994 the area was still industrial and for our fieldwork Ipswich Port Authority made us all wear yellow high-vis vests.

Ipswich Wet Dock 1990s

This one shows what was where the University of Suffolk main building now is.

One of the students from 1994 created a video as their report – it was so good that I used it in my teaching for years after. That person has gone on to become president of the Geographical Association for 2023-24!

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