Mappleton rock groyne

“Rock armour groynes at Mappleton, Yorkshire, England sediment trapped preventing longshore drift down the coast, shown by beach difference”

This is from 2011 – the last time I went up to Hull and had a look around the Holderness Coast. I am trying to remember the lady whose farm was falling into the sea and which was on the TV ( and geography videos). Sue Earl wasn’t it?

Anyway, this enormous rock groyne trapping sediment at Mappleton helps explain why the rate of erosion down-driftn ( to the south) had became so much worse.

It is being used for Education though the details are vague. Don’t like the ‘Unlimited’ for ‘Multiple Use’ but that is, unfortunately, where the market is now.

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Single company – multiple use editorial only
Industry sector: Education
Start: 14 June 2023

This is the third time that this image has been licensed. Others from the same ‘shoot’ have also done well. They are all on Geography Photos if you care to browse.

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