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I had an email from Imagebroker this morning telling me that they are using one of my photos as their ‘Image of the Day’. Imagebroker are an agency primarily in the German language market ( they translate my captions and keywords for me). I have around 1400 non-exclusive images with them ( they edit fairly tightly). In general they sell through other agencies so the final commission to me is generally quite low. But it is another income stream and these days that is very important.

In the past I approached Imagebroker several times and was rejected. Now, around 5 years after signing with them they are emailing me asking for more images! I’d like to think that says something about my photography improving, and perhaps it does, but in all honesty it is probably more to do with the way the market has developed – everybody wants more and more images that they then sell for lower and lower fees!

Imagebroker have sold this picture five times so far. It has sold another five times through Getty ( 3) and Alamy ( 2) = 10 sales in total.

It was taken in 2017 – “The Blue Grotto natural sea arch and cliffs, Wied iz-Zurrieq, Malta”

It is here on Geography Photos

My Imagebroker collection is here

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