Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico

Coming from UK in early March and arriving on the Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres was like being in stock photography heaven. The guidebooks paint it as some sort of tropical idyll which it really isn’t but nonetheless there is a lot to point the camera at in a fairly small area. We had three full days and walked around the northern end to the various sights and beaches. One day we did what everybody does and hired a golf cart to tour the island.

The whole of the Cancun coast is heavily developed for tourism but Isla Mujeres is at least comparatively calm and quiet ( the word there is ‘comparatively’).

I chose the picture above because that was were I was happiest. On the rocky east coast facing the Caribbean – the Cayman Islands where we lived for two years( 1989-91) a few hundred miles to the east. Those small shrubs give off a lovely honey/coconut fragrance, mixed with the warm salty breeze from the sea, and the waves gently breaking on the limestone shore….

So, three full days and around 180 ‘keepers’ already accepted and on sale at Alamy. They are in a gallery on my website if you are curious to have a look. The pictures are in chronological order and take us via the ferry to the mainland to the main bus terminal in Cancun city. These are editorial, illustrative stock images not works of art – I suppose, the sort of subjects that attract a ‘geography teacher with a camera’.

Isla Mujeres, Cancun

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