Mexico trip – 2 London airports?

This was the very first photo from our recent trip to Mexico. We had travelled down to Heathrow the previous day – badly delayed by a National Express coach cancellation from Ipswich. We were feeling pleased with ourselves that we had prudently booked the Hilton at terminal 2. We could just relax and stroll over to the airport the next morning all bright and fresh and without a care in the world.

Well, it didn’t turn out like that. Somewhere tucked away in the American Airlines small print was a requirement to show a Covid Pass if you are not a US citizen. This was for a flight to Cancun via Dallas/Fort Worth and a couple of hours transit.

Long story short. They wouldn’t let us on. Panic and confusion! Somewhere on our laptop we must have had the NHS passes but we couldn’t get any internet. No, we did not have them on our mobile phone as we had only just started using it.

Jack Murphy of British Airways ground staff was amazing. We had booked through BA and turned to them for sympathy and help since their partner airline ( American Airlines) were offering nothing but hunks of cold shoulder.

There and then Jack sorted us out with the NHS App, only to realise that it can take 12 hours to validate itself. Then, this kind and most excellent man – BA you must PROMOTE this wonderful person – booked us on a direct British Airways flight to Cancun for the following day. So, slightly calmer but kicking ourselves furiously ( and each other as is the way) we travelled to an overnight hotel at Gatwick and off we went the next day.

It is always worth taking a few stock photos at airports and they sell fairly well.

These have already been accepted and are on sale at Alamy. This is a small gallery on my Geography Photos website and take us through to arrival at Cancun.

Feel free to tell us what fools we are in the comments – it’s cathartic!

Mexico trip – airports

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