Cambridge Science Park- NAPP building

NAPP pharmaceutical group building architect Arthur Erickson at Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, England, UK – Image ID: DDB1JF

This photo dates from 2013. I spent the afternoon taking pictures around the Science Park while Kim went shopping in Cambridge City Centre. See the CTV cameras on the corner of the building? Well, they saw me and I was soon picked up by security, escorted indoors, and gently quizzed about intentions. It turned out handy to be able to direct them to my Geography Photos website to confirm my bona fides and backstory about teaching geography. I think I probably told them that my photos would one day get NAPP free publicity for their wonderful building. They looked unconvinced.

This image was licensed for business use last Friday for a fee $500+ . A welcome change from the regular stream of tiddlers for web use and personal use.

Country: United Kingdom
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End: 10 February 2026
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