Texel in 2010

Nearly 13 years old and a first time seller. Tempus fugit! Photographed April 2010.

This is sale number five on Alamy in 2023 – the usual slow start to the year. I expect things to be back to normal towards the end of the month when newspaper and magazine sales from November and December are finally reported.

Unusually, I don’t recall taking this actual shot. Normally I recognise all my images instantly and the events that surround them.

Oudeschild harbour, Texel, Netherlands – Image ID: BKJYYN

I do recall going into that cafe in the background and eating herrings and other seafood and how friendy the owner was. I then got back on my hired bike and faced a stiff headwind going back via De Waal to the main settlement of Den Burg.

Credit : Google Maps

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