The Archers – not a fan

I have to turn off the radio when the Archers theme tune starts up – I run across the room to get there as fast as I can. I really do not like it at all. But obvioulsy always happy to see an image sale for whatver purpose. I came across this by chance using Google News search. It is not yet showing as a sale at Alamy as newspapers such as the Guardian often take a month or two before they ‘self-report’ what images they have used. It is a rather strange system where trusted clients can download what they want and then report what they actually use in a system based on honesty. The Guardian is pretty good compared with some other national papers in not ‘forgetting’ many image uses.

This is wife Kim ‘modelling’ for me. I’ve been told by a picture editor to try and get her wearinga red jacket because it makes more images

“Woman wearing kagoule walking along the South West coast path at St Agnes head, Cornwall, England, UK” 13IDM4086.jpg – DFDTDH

First time seller, taken in 2013

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