Recent sales – October 2022

I thought it would be interesting to share information about my recent stock photo sales. So I have created a gallery on my website for those people curious to see which of my images buyers have gone for.

All the images in this gallery have sold for the first time. I keep an overall sales gallery and each month add images that have sold and which are not already included.

First off here is pint of Ghostship to celebrate.

This picture sold for the first time recently. It was taken in 2022 so I didn’t have to wait too long. But as you will see for others there has been a long wait ( and no doubt good reason for that wait).

The images are more or less ordered by date but at the the very end the sequence is distrurbed by a few old slide scans that have been done recently but for which I have used a different naming format.

Recent first time image sales- October 2022

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