Tropical Soil Profile

Tropical soil profile showing very thin layer of top soil and heavily leached red laterite sub-soil Seychelles 

This was taken in 1992 on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. At the time I was working in the Ministry of Education doing curriculum development work. Or that was what I was supposed to be doing but the job didn’t work out and we only stayed there for around 6 months. Not long after, desperate for some work, I took a one term teaching job in Ipswich and ended up subsequently moving to Suffolk in 1993.

Ths picture was taken at the site of a landslide at a high pass where a road crosses the island. I think that there had been fatalities. The slope was being re-profiled and a small retaining wall built.

Site of a landslide Vallee de Mai national park, Praslin, Seychelles 

The dark shady rainforest environment is illustrated with a very thin layer of top-soil, and beneath a great depth of leached orange laterite soil.

It has been licenced many times for geography text books and the like, and again today for a relatively good fee.

Country: Japan
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End: 01 September 2027
Japan,Book, print and/or e-book

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