Train at the station…worth a snap

Train at platform Liverpool Street station London 170 270 Turbostar diesel locomotive One railway company 2005

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts how I have sold several pictures of trains. This one was taken with my first digital camera – you can see some problems with ‘purple fringing’ in the top left of the frame. Alamy stopped accepting images from this camera quite a while ago. This image sold today for $28 gross, the eighth time this particular image has been licensed. The camera cost around £250 in 2005 and has paid for itself many times over. I used it for only a year before upgrading to a proper Canon DSLR in 2006.

Perhaps the interest here is the shortlived nature of the ‘One’ railway franchise which, I think, only lasted from around 2004 until 2008 – being renamed in 2008 to National Express East Anglia, and then onto Abellio Greater Anglia in 2012. 

Whenever I go out on a train journey I try to remember to take a few snaps such as this – there does seem to be a huge fascination with trains and railways in Britain, and also the privatised system keeps reinventing itself. Hopefully, we will get back to a nationalised British Railways ( 1948-1997) one day!

But blimey look at this – a 50 year licence! Though to be honest many these days are in ‘perpetuity’. I suppose in effect it simply means that they don’t have to worry about re-use in their educational websites and piblications.

Country: Worldwide ; Usage: iQ sale: Single company – multiple educational editorial use only ;  Industry Sector: Media, design & publishing ;  Start: 13-September-2022 ; End: 13-September-2072

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