The Merry Maidens

The Merry Maidens prehistoric stone circle, Cornwall, England, UK

There are around 300 versions of this subject on Alamy. I assume that the yellow buttercup flowers have some part to play in why this one was chosen by the client. It was hard for me to get an overview of the stones themselves so I purposely included a lot of foreground and cut the amount of boring sky. The carpet of pretty wildflowers leads the eye to the monument and then around the back of the stones. Merry maidens dancing in a field of flowers.

It is being used in a calendar mainly in North America:

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Consumer goods
Media: Calendar
Print run: up to 5,000
Placement: Inside
Start: 01 January 2024
End: 01 January 2025
Primarily North America, with less than 2% world-wide English.
$ 150.00

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