train bike window sign uk

Bicycle storage area with window sign on Greater Anglia train, Suffolk, England, UK

Last week I used an Anglia Plus Day Ranger rail ticket to travel on the system as far as Sheringham on the north Norfolk coast via Norwich and Cromer, stopping at Lowestoft on the way home. My first picture of the day was of the train arriving at Melton station – an obvious picture whilst standing there on the platform and one that I have taken quite a few times ( and which has sold quite a few times).

This one of the bike window sign is from a sequence of four pictures. This one has vegetation as a background, another has an open sunny field. I feel that it conveys the idea successfully that trains allow you to explore the countryside with your bike.

I just ended up standing there right at the back of the train and thought that I might as well take a few snaps during the short journey to Ipswich.

Searching on Alamy with ‘train bike window sign uk’ produces zero images so I feel that taking these few snaps was well worth it since I was just standing there anyway.

I took 99 pictures during the day. The ticket with Senior Rail Card cost £16.50.

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