Sign of bad times

Sign for Cineworld cinemas building, Cardinal Park, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK

In my most recent Getty sales statement ( it comes out once a month) I noticed that this picture had sold. Reading in the news today I learnt that the Cineworld company is about to file for bankruptcy in both USA and UK. Editors will be looking for pictures to illustrate the story.

(EDIT- having checked I see that this image sold six times in June, 3 times to BBC, plus 3 others 22 Aug 2022)

I won’t see my August sales report until October but I can be fairly sure that there will be a lot of sales for this picture and other images of the cinema complex building. This was taken in Ipswich but clearly it could be anywhere. That is what a lot of stock is about – in a place but not of the place – being generic gives wider appeal. Cineworld operates in 751 locations around the world so that gives an idea of the potential demand for pictures in all those places if the local cinema closes down.

I didn’t know anything about Cineworld when I took the picture, but my thinking was that such a simple snap had to be worth a punt as an illustrative editorial image with a wide potential market.

Now that I know this business is likely to close it may well be worth revisiting and taking a few more pictures on the basis that it won’t be possible to do so in the future.

All the Cineworld images that Getty Images offers currently can be seen through a simple search. I can see what they already have and then use that to fill any gaps for the future. When I revisit Ipswich, my closest large town, I will be sure to take other simple pictures of business signs!

Cineworld Sign search at Getty Images

I thought it worth doing a search using Google Images and found this. Hopefully in a couple of months there will be many more.

This is at NewsQuick24.com with rather an odd credit line:

“geography photography | Universal group of images | Getty Images”

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