Kenneth David Moles

Kenneth Moles made trips around Europe in the late 1950s as part of his work for George Kent Ltd of Luton. He drove their mobile display unit to exhibitions and trade fairs.

I have included 113 of his images in a new gallery on Geography Photos. Once again I am so pleased to be able to publish these images which to me are not only visual interesting but of historical importance.

The countries covered include former Yugoslavia ( Zagreb International Fair), Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and one from Austria.

One of the photos of Sweden caused me some confusion. It’s of a flyover road system in the city centre of Stockholm in 1958.

It is Stockholm, Sweden – why are they driving on the left? This was before the big change on ‘Day H’ which took place nine years later on 3 September 1967. That morning at precisely 5am the country switched to driving on the other side of the road. Just imagine!

“Dagen H, today usually called “Högertrafikomläggningen”, was 3 September 1967, the day Sweden switched from driving on the left-hand side of the road to the right. The “H” stands for “Högertrafik”, the Swedish word for right-hand traffic.”

I am not going to pick out any other favourites on the blog but there are plenty of interesting, well taken images here in this new gallery so please have a look.

Kenneth David Moles

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  1. Your letter arrived today. It was very kind of you to let me know and it’s fantastic to see the images. Dad, aged 26ish is the guy standing in photo 55331..Kim

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