Iceland Adventure 1972

I’ve added a small set of images from an adventure in the icy wilds of Iceland. These come from the Margaret Folland archive that I continue to work on. The tour company Gudmundur Jonasson Travel is one of the longest established in the country.

You can find the gallery on my homepage:

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One reply to “Iceland Adventure 1972

  1. Wow! I can just imagine Miss Folland signing up for a trip like this very big adventure in Iceland! She was intrepid and would have loved every minute. I can’t believe this but it would appear they slept out in tents on the icecap! They also appear to only be wearing thin kagouls…no layers, no Goretex outerwear. I so wish Miss Folland was still alive and that we could ask her to tell us some of her life stories, especially this one.

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