Hosay celebration, also Husayn or Hussein, Shia Muslim remembrance of Muharram, drumming and procession of tadjah floats model mausoleums or Mosque shaped model tombs, Trinidad 1961

This is one of Margaret Folland’s photos from her time teaching geography in Trinidad. It has been licensed today for editorial web use.

Look at the man on the right walking into the picture with his tongue sticking out. And now he is on the internet!

Yesterday and today I am working on Margaret’s pictures of Machu Picchu, Peru in 1962 at a time when there seem to have been virtually no tourists. I love the pictures of Margaret and her friend Naomi scaling these huge mountains in their casual shoes and normal clothing! They were true adventures.

Later today I intend to add pictures of them dressed in mining gear – I really get a sense of pleasure in bringing these old photos to life!

Please have a look through the images that I have done so far.

Margaret Folland

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