Abbey Ruins Bury St Edmunds

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Start: 02 February 2022

There are 804 images in the search results on Alamy for ‘Abbey Ruins Bury St Edmunds’.

I have 10 myself. This image appears 123th in that search, on the second page, so clearly it offered the buyer something that others didn’t and it took a bit of time to make their decision.

I make that point because often it seems that the ‘typical’ photo researcher is likely to just grab what is right at the top of the search order – they are busy people with deadlines to meet.

Refining the results by adding ‘cathedral’ to the same search probably gives a more realistic reflection of what the client was actually looking for. That reduces the number of images to 372. The one above is still on the second page having moved up to 105th place. In both searches several of mine appear before this one.

So the question is – why this one?

I think I have my answer, or at least a possible answer. What do you think?

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