Suffolk Churches update

Sunday seems an appropriate day to be tidying up my pictures of Suffolk churches and organising them into galleries. I have now passed the 350 mark of churches photographed and am having to travel further from home to reach ‘new’ medieval churches. Perhaps it’s time to have something of a break and come back to this in a few months. All these galleries are available via an obvious home page link – be sure to then scroll upwards when you select an individual church, especially for ones lower down the alphabetical list.

Suffolk Churches on Geography Photos

Here is one of the most interesting objects I have come across recently.

A female figure with her skirt hitched up showing a leg. She seems to be holding an owl. There is certainly something misogynistic about her portrayal. Most likely it is a c 17th century depiction of a witch. Presumably the owl would be her ‘familiar’ or imp. It probably started off in private hands and somehow ended up Thrandeston church along with other carved figures of a more religious kind.

My second recent highlight is this medieval wall painting in Hessett church of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride, the greatest of all sins is at the top, a male figure looking quite the dandy.

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