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Chapel of Saint Nicholas, Bures, Suffolk

Bures is near the border with Essex. I went down there in December to visit a few churches. It wasn’t my first time in the area but the first time I had been to this small chapel up in a fairly remote spot ( one farmhouse for company) on a hill north of the village.

The effigies and tombs are of members of the De Vere family and were originally at Colne Priory.

“After the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, the Crown granted the priory to John de Vere (1482–1540), 15th Earl of Oxford on 22 July 1536. The surviving tombs at Colne, some with effigies, were removed from the house now existing on the site (the house is also called Colne Priory) in the 1930s to St Stephen’s Chapel near BuresSuffolk, where they are now.” (Wikipedia).

It’s an extremely atmospheric place with stunning views over the valley – including of the Bures dragon on the opposite hillside. Yes a dragon!

The image above was licensed yesterday for use in a magazine – no idea which one.

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I took lots of pictures of the tombs, of some great stained glass, of the building itself and of the view. All available by doing obvious searches at:

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