Puzzled by Picfair

I wrote a blog about this on 24 July so it is less than two months since I started with www.geogphotos.com on Picfair.

Every image that is uploaded seems to attract two ‘views’ automatically as part of the image ingestion system – some end up with three ‘system’ views it has been partially explained to me by a Picfair email response. Though I don’t know what the reasons are that some attract two and other three.

Regardless of these system created false views that stats are fairly amazing and hard to understand.

The most viewed images have a count over 100 ( 114 is the highest number of second hand cars on sale on a garage forecourt in Knodishall! Why??).

Now a few days later this is the state of play:

241,231 views and not one single sale. So, who is doing all this viewing and what are the reasons?

I’m puzzled.

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