Suffolk Churches – lots of them!

East Anglia has a staggering richness in the form of its medieval churches. Living in Suffolk I am naturally drawn to those of my adopted county. Though I am not sure exactly how many churches there are – I am talking historic village parish churches mainly but also some from the towns – I have just realised that I have now visited and photographed over 260 of them.

Some of these buildings are from the 1200s. Many of them are on sites that are much older, Saxon, often prehistoric. These buildings have been at the centre of their community for all that time. I find that fascinating even though the fine points of church architecture and religion are well beyond me.

I enjoy getting out and finding the churches never knowing exactly what to expect. What better way can there be of exploring the geography of Suffolk settlement? Before the pandemic and away from the towns most of the churches were open. You have the building to yourself to explore, there is always something of interest.

We are incredibly fortunate in Suffolk to have the wonderful website of Simon Knott who combines knowledge with a warm personal touch. I strongly recommend his site. He has gone on to cover Norfolk, Essex, and other places but this all started off in Suffolk. Simon Knott’s Suffolk Churches.

My galleries of Suffolk churches are easily found from my homepage at Geography Photos.

Here are a few of my favourites.

First, Aldham Church which you may recognise from then BBC ‘Detectorists’ series.

Village parish church of Saint Mary, Aldham, Suffolk, England, UK

Medieval paintings of saints on rood screen inside church of Saint Andrew, Bramfield, Suffolk, England, UK – Saint Mary of Magdala

Medieval paintings of saints on rood screen inside church of Saint Andrew, Bramfield, Suffolk, England, UK – Saint Mary of Magdala

This is Little Wenham church – found at the end of a long unmade road.

Village parish church of All Saints, Little Wenham, Suffolk, England, UK

Finally, another remote church at Badley a mile or so from the main road between Needham Market and Stowmarket with its unchanged largely 18th century interior.

Historic interior unchanged since 18th century, Church of Saint Mary, Badley, Suffolk, England, UK

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