Bawdsey, Suffolk – continuing coastal erosion, a movie set, and PhotoPosts!

This small gallery of exclusive images is from 29 May 2021. No surprise to see the continuing rapid rate of coastal erosion along this coastline, but something of a shock to see a large outdoor film set under construction for an Amazon Prime movie series. There is also a new (to me) development in terms of a project called Bawdsey PhotoPosts to encourage passerbys to record the changing coastline landscapes.


Soft cliffs rapid coastal erosion on North Sea coastline, coast at Bawdsey, Suffolk, England, Uk

The film set is to the left of this shot – you can pick out a pale stripe which is their temporary access road shown in the next picture.

Film set under construction for The Power, Amazon Prime movie, Bawdsey, Suffolk, England, UK – production company, Sister Pictures Power Limited, 29 May 2021

Sister Pictures Limited production company will be filming a series called The Power based on a novel by Naomi Alderman. Information here

The Bawdsey PhotoPosts project is a collaborative project involving AONB Suffolk Coasts & Heaths, Deben Estuary Partnership, Bawdsey Parish Council, and coastal scientist Helene Burningham of University College London (UCL)

Soft cliffs rapid coastal erosion on North Sea coastline, coast at Bawdsey, Suffolk, England, Uk PhotoPosts project to record change

This reminds me of an art project in 2005 when a video camera was placed in a window of the marvellous tower and took time lapse images of the coast every 15 minutes. A set of flags was set up on the clifftop spelling out the message:


The final flag fell on 16th September 2005, by 6th January 2006 the coast had been eroded by 17 metres in one year and to mark this point one white flag was put in place on the cliff top.

The completed 30 minutes time-lapse film by Bettina Furnée & Tim Sidell, 2008 is on this site along with more details about the ‘Lines of Defence’ project.

There are also a couple of photos from Geography Photos on that website.

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