Geography Photos by Margaret Folland

I’ve made a start on processing a large collection of Kodachrome slides in 37 boxes taken by geography teacher Margaret Folland (1935 – 2019). The first ones are from Trinidad and Tobago 1961-3 where Margaret taught at Bishop Anstey High School for Girls. From there she travelled widely in Central and South America as well as to Caribbean destinations. Subsequently, she travelled extensively in Europe, North Africa, and south east Asia. This is the first gallery of her photos to be published on Geography Photos. The first time that they will have been published at all. It is a privilege for me to be bringing them to life.

She went to Norwich High School for Girls and then went to University of Birmingham in 1952 graduating three years later in geography. Before going to Trinidad she taught at West Bromwich Grammar School. After returning from the Caribbean she taught at Swanhurst Girls grammar school in Birmingham until 1994. She went to Central High School, Malawi in 1994 becoming headteacher in 1997 until retirement in 2001. A member of the Geographical Association she contributed to the inaugural editorial advisory panel for ‘Teaching Geography’.

The first gallery of her images is now live on Geography Photos

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