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Port of Felixstowe in Chaos

It’s always heartening to come across one of my images in use, and on the BBC global website too! I have around 20,000 images with Getty Images who they are the market leaders in stock photography. All of mine are in their Editorial Section. They have been selected by a wonderful editor called Lindsey at Universal Images Group – I supply them and then they deal with Getty and many other agencies around the world. All of these images are on Geography Photos available for personal and education use at very low prices.

I also have around 71,000 images with Alamy – a UK based agency that does not edit submissions just judges them on technical quality. So if you have a DSLR that is going to be fine. Most of these images – around 63,000 – are available on Geography Photos. The missing ones are either old film slides that I have not converted to JPEGs from TIFFs, or from an old digital camera used in 2005 that with hindsight didn’t produce enough files of sufficient quality. There is a lesson there about buying the best equipment you can.

I’ve decided to leave stock sales to these agencies and their global networks and have removed all commercial pricing from Geography Photos. So, effectively Geography Photos has come full circle and is now firmly focused on education users. And, yes, I am considering a subscription service with bundles of tens of thousands of images for a low annual fee.

Let’s see if there is any interest first because I’m told that many teachers just pinch images regardless of copyright so are unlikely to pay anything 🙁

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