This is Pam ; who is Pam?

Pam in 1960

On the beach at Teignmouth with Girls’ Crystal comic in June 1960

At Teignmouth paddling with Mum

At 9 Springfield, Vauxhall car registration PJN 631

Frinton on Sea, 1961 – is this Pam?

Other things mentioned – Jill’s wedding July 1961, Mum and Dad pre Lyn 1960, Silver wedding 1960, Ladies night 1960, Clifetonville ( sp?), Clockhouse Gardens, Burnham.

Bought at auction in Suffolk in 2019.

Can we find Pam?

3 replies to “This is Pam ; who is Pam?

    1. Thank you for your e-mail of 1 December concerning vehicle licence records for Southend County Borough.

      We do have the register for the registration PJN 631 (S3335 Box 5). I have checked the register for you and found that it was first registered on 6 June 1958 to what I think is an E.A. Drury of 9 Springfield Gardens, Upminster. The surname is unfortunately not very clearly written, but I think it is Drury. Assuming that it was still in the hands of the first owners, then you could possibly find the full name from the electoral register for Upminster. We do not have electoral registers for Upminster after 1948, but later ones are held at the London Borough of Havering Local Studies Library ( so you may wish to try there.

      I hope that this information is helpful.

      Duty Archivist

      Essex Record Office, Wharf Road, Chelmsford CM2 6YT
      Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Green Spaces
      Environment and Climate Action
      Essex County Council

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