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With spending a lot of time at home I have been using a new system of digitising film through photography. I am using a specially made adapter that mounts onto my Macro lens ( thanks Alan for making it!) and an old light-box for illumination. It is much quicker than doing it the old way using a film scanner though still time-consuming in Photoshop removing all the dust spots and blemishes.

Alamy now offers an Archive submission route which accepts images which may have some flaws but are of historic interest so that makes the whole process more forgiving.

In addition to working through my own slides I have bought some from local auctions and Ebay ( with copyright).

I’ve tentatively set up a new section on my website for ‘Vintage’ images. There is a lot of work to do yet but it’s a start. I’ve moved heaps of images, including old TIFFs, that were hidden away and pushed them into the limelight. Many don’t even have proper captions – so apologies about that. It means I have put some pressure on myself to get this tidied up.

This picture is on my site but not yet featured in a gallery. Out of thousands of slides it caught my eye. I could try and analyse the reasons but will resist. If it works for you there is no need for me to explain. It was taken in 1979. I have another couple of the same girls rushing around the back garden playing football – so that explains the grazed knee.

What do you think? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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