Two churches with fascinating medieval wall paintings – Suffolk


This is from Saint Andrew’s church at Ilketshall St Andrew, Suffolk. It shows the Wheel of Life which can be considered as the medieval model for change in life. At the top sits a king in his majesty representing ‘Happiness’. As life goes on the wheel turns in a clockwise direction leading to downfall and ‘Loss’. The bottom position, often represented by mud and muck shows ‘Suffering’. But as the wheel continues to turn this leads to ‘Hope’ and a rise of fortunes. The wheel never stops turning, life never stands still.  Use the search facility on Geography Photos to find 48 pictures of this church including other fragments of medieval wall painting, ecclesiastical heraldry in stained glass, and details of the church interior and exterior. It is a rather remote, rural church in a lovely setting and is well worth a visit.

North Cove Medieval religious wall paintings of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, church of Saint Botolph, North Cove, Suffolk, England, UK

The church at North Cove has stunning medieval  religious wall paintings on both sides of the chancel. On one side is the story of the Crucifixion and the other wall has images of the risen Christ in his glory in Heaven. There are forty pictures of this church on Geography Photos if you search for ‘North Cove Suffolk’.  Use the word Suffolk to exclude pictures of coves in the north.

To visit you will most likely need to contact the nearby key-holder. The church is close to the busy A146 road between Norwich and Lowestoft next to the Three Horseshoes pub ( did not visit!).

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