Stonham Barns History Alive event 2019

I took photos at the living history event at Stonham Barns on Saturday 29th June. There were re-enactors from all sorts of historical periods, Jacobite rebellion ( pictured), Crusades, Saxons, Vikings, English Civil war, US Civil war, 19th century American settlers, 5th century Persian warriors, Second world war soldiers both German and American, also smaller displays, which I didn’t photograph of Samurai, Spanish Civil war, a second world war medical unit, and probably others which I may have missed.

Stonham Barns History Alive event, Living History,  Suffolk, England, UK 2019

The re-enactors like to be photographed, or at least don’t actively object. Perhaps some of them will be searching for pictures from the event. Anyway, this is another of the exclusive galleries on Geography Photos not yet fully captioned so you will have to figure out who is who.

The gallery is here www.geographyphotos.com

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