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BBC use again – how subscription works

Just happened upon this by chance. Always encouraging to see my pictures being used so prominently but the fee will not be anything to get excited about – around 15p I expect for a global News site. What happens is that image users such as the BBC, and other large publishers, negotiate a subscription deal with an image agency ( this one will be from Getty Images). For a set fee the client can use an agreed number of images over a set period off time – the more they use the lower the fee per image. Great for the client, great for the agency ( they get a lump sum ) and protect market share from other suppliers. But not so great for the photographer who created the image. Once Getty take their commission, once an intermediary agency who I supply take their commission, there is not much left. Anyway, at least they chose one of mine. No credit though.

This is the same picture on the Getty site. You will note rather a discrepancy in terms of the advertised prices!  

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