Pleased with an Alamy Zoom

The picture agency Alamy provides daily statistics so that contributors can see the results of searches made by image buyers. These days with over 150 million images in their catalogue I try to provide fairly specific images to cut through the crowds. A ‘zoom’ is when a searcher has clicked on a thumbnail to have a closer look at an image. I tend to look at my zooms and sales first thing everyday. It is not often that simply getting a zoom pleases me all that much. But this one does.

A line of leafless winter trees on field boundary, near Wroughton, Wiltshire, England, UK

The search term used was ‘Landscape UK’. That brings up 912,255 images to choose from.

The searcher viewed the first 700 images ( 10 pages) which included 8 of mine ( that in itself is quite a result!). Only 2 images were zoomed.

Looking through some of the well known names of photographers on the first few pages I do feel pleased and a bit proud that mine was one of only two that were looked at more closely.

The picture was taken near Wroughton, Wiltshire, England.  When driving along the simple composition of the line of trees fading away into the distant chalk hills caught my eye.

Fingers crossed that it will lead to a good sale.

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