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I started off taking photos to help in my teaching of geography. It is always pleasing to see images being used in a textbook to illustrate something that is definitely ‘geography’.

Here are a couple licensed to a publisher in Ireland but I expect it will be for a book sold in UK. Unfortunately, I don’t get told any more than that so if you do come across these pictures I would love to know the name of the book.

Each of these is available on Geography Photos – use the Search option

Country: Ireland
Usage: Educational book, editorial print + digital use, inside, one time use only
Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
Start: 20 June 2019
End: 20 June 2029

Chalk cliffs Ballard Point near Old Harry Rocks, Dorset, England – mass movement

Longshore drift illustrated by sediment either side of wooden groyne on shingle beach

Concrete revetments reinforcing river banks to increase channel efficiency, River Gipping, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Terracettes on steep slopes in chalk dry valley caused by soil creep, Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England, UK

Fulacht fiadh water trough and fireplace building at Drombeg stone circle, County Cork, Ireland, Irish Republic



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