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Always a little thrill…

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 11.14.21….to be lazing around the house not doing much, then have a casual look at the internet for nothing better to do and….find one of your pictures being used on the home page of the BBC news site!

Not the one of Mrs May and, actually, a sad story. Mine is the one of Temple Meads station in Bristol used to illustrate a story about a woman being killed on the train between Bath and Keynsham – the police think by her leaning out of the window and being hit. The same picture ( above) is used larger size with the story itself,

Obviously, this wasn’t the train and I wasn’t in Bristol yesterday. This is another example of a stock image being used to illustrate a news story and shows what stock photography is about. That same image could be used in lots of other ways related to transport, architecture, history and travel.

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