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I should not have taken this photo


See the two men? They are just about to turn around and walk over to me with sufficient briskness that I know what is about to happen. The man in the blue is part of the security operation on this site and photography is not allowed. The road is on a bus route, thousands of people must drive past this spot every week, yet standing and taking a photo in a totally open overt way is a ‘security’ threat.

This is the headquarters building for UK and Ireland of Bayer plc. Perhaps they were being especially twitchy knowing that one of their products – Roundup – was about to be all over the news?

In UK so much apparently public space is now private that it comes as no real surprise to be challenged and told to put the camera away.

I tried to straighten the vertical lines on this picture – not sure if it has worked or does it look a bit strange?

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