Red Poll cattle breed

Young red poll cattle crowded together, Sutton, Suffolk, England, Uk

This herd of youngsters were bellowing so loudly that I heard them from a mile away (literally). We don’t have all that many cows in Suffolk! So I followed the noise and found this mob of boisterous calves milling around and making a racket together. They all came over to have a look at me and this one seemed especially interested.

The Red Poll is a dual-purpose breed developed in England in the latter half of the 19th century. The Red Poll is a cross of the Norfolk Red beef cattle and Suffolk Dun dairy cattle breeds – neither of the parent breeds now exist. The Red Poll breed was established in Australia ( from 1870s), New Zealand ( 1898 and first herd in 1917) and USA ( 1873) – making Red Poll the oldest registered breed of cattle in the United States.

They are naturally ‘polled’ – it means without horns. If you know anything more feel free to post a comment.

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