River Orwell and the Wet Dock, Ipswich

River Orwell view to urban redevelopment in the Wet Dock, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK


The foreground shows hard engineering solutions to urban river management with flood defence walls and a lined channel to reduce friction and increase discharge. In the background is the former port area of the Wet Dock which had become deindustrialised by the mid 1990s – much later than many other ports. The Wet Dock itself constructed in the 1840s but the port location dates back to the Anglo-Saxons.

Right in the centre, with the checkered design, is the waterfront building of University of Suffolk. The tall building to the left shows apartments rising above Dance East studios. Vacant land and derelict buildings suggest that much is likely change from this viewpoint over the coming years.

Find the person wearing a red top walking along the left bank – an important detail in the image.

Country: Worldwide
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Start: 22 June 2018
End: 22 June 2028

A non-watermarked version of this image, and over 53,000 others, is available free for education use at Geography Photos.  Publishers will find all images priced and available for immediate licensing and download.

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