Web site down

Apologies to anybody who has been trying to access http://www.geographyphotos.com

It has been suspended by Yahoo because my domain registration details needed to be updated and the email address listed no longer exists. This meant that I could not and cannot log in to Yahoo Small Business. And because I can’t log in I can’t access what they call ‘Customer Care’. I have had my domain with them since 2003 but haven’t subscribed to their Small Business service since 2005 or so.

They list a US phone number but I have been warned about long wait times and that more likely than not I will just get a recorded message referring me back to the Yahoo Small Business website where I can’t log in.

I am hoping that Tucows will provide help since Yahoo has been unresponsive but have heard nothing as yet.

In the meantime this should work https://geogphotos.photoshelter.com


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