Time to catch breath-back from Madrid

I’ve just finished processing and captioning around 950 files from a recent trip to Spain. Around half are of Madrid, a truly vibrant, fun and interesting city, and the rest from various locations in Extremadura. These pictures are all now on Alamy and have been sent for editing to Agefotostock and Universal Images Group ( for Getty Images). They are available for browsing in two galleries on the homepage of Geography Photos


So, a pause to catch up on my website and to write a blog entry, and just begin to think about the next trip.

I’ve chosen the image above not because it is typical of my images (it  isn’t)  but because it is a bit different. In the foreground is a man who creates huge soap bubbles for a living, and further in is a rather jaded superhero figure. In between is a woman running gauntlet through the street performers and off in the distance another women approaches. This is early morning ( about 11am in Madrid!) in the city’s main square Plaza Mayor.

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