Praise for Universal Images Group



Just noticed this image of mine being used in a BBC story – actually, it is also used as part of this morning’s Live Business Feed on the BBC site. It is from the Tio Pepe bodega in Jerez, Spain. The image is credited to Getty Images ( though a little worryingly the credit disappears when the image is downloaded!).

“Sherry sales more than half”

BBC story about sherry

This and around 10,000 other images of mine are on Getty editorial only because I joined with Universal Images Group three or four years ago. Becoming a contributor to UIG has been the most positive experience in my stock photography career. Wonderful people, always friendly, positive, respectful, totally expert and professional in all dealings. I love the editing of Lindsey, and love the support from Dan. Thanks so much UIG and looking forward to 2017!

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