My first Imagebroker sale

It has taken a while but my first Imagebroker sale has just been reported. It is through the famous German agency ‘Mauritius’. Actually, the sale itself was six months ago and it has only now been cleared in terms of payment to Imagebroker and reporting to me. Hopefully, given that time lag there are more in the pipeline. It was to gain this access to the German speaking market that I first wanted to join Imagebroker – they do all the translation and have all the contacts. Yes, this means a commission split but gives good access to an important market that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

This was taken in Lanzarote in spring 2016.

“Molino Viejo, windmill in landscape, Yaiza, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe”


My experience with Imagebroker so far?  All very smooth and professional. Editing takes quite a long time and is very picky compared to other agencies I supply. This is not a complaint more a comment that they set high standards. This first sale is encouraging and I will certainly spend some of the holiday season uploading more images to them.

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