Personal Use at Alamy – a new market?

This is not a photo that I am particularly pleased with but I think it illustrates my point well and also supports Alamy’s fairly recent drive to boost Personal Use sales. For the people of the small Suffolk village of Boxford their church is the centre of the community. Though I don’t suppose that there is much demand beyond the immediate locality for pictures of Boxford.

This is the Personal Use licence for the image:

Country: Worldwide
Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.
Media: Non-commercial, one time, personal/home use

The fee for such uses is not huge and that makes perfect sense but it does open up an enormous potential market. This photo is now a decade old and I’m sure I can create better nowadays with improved composition and processing.  These days I’d definitely boost vibrancy and add some more contrast to cut through the murk. The wooden gate being open helps lead the eye towards the door.

More positively, I’m thinking of all the possible Personal Use subjects around me if Alamy is able to develop this market.



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