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Might as well take the shot…

Look at any stock photo site and you will quickly see what most people photograph in Ronda – or any other place come to that. This picture below is unlikely to be there! Some subjects are done to death and others completely overlooked, especially in a city such as Ronda which is just overflowing with beautiful buildings.

This church is in the ‘new’ ( these things are relative!) part of town just outside the main tourist drag. As I recall we had found a (rare) parking place further along the road in front of you in the image so walked this way a few times. There are hardly any other pictures of this church on Alamy or Getty, and presumably not much demand, but one publisher in China –  it seems to be Vogue –  wanted to licence it.


Historic church Iglesia de Nuestro Padre Jesus, Ronda, Spain
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