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Bank Holiday processing

What is there better to do at 6.50am on Bank Holiday Monday but get stuck into processing RAW files? The motivation? The sooner I get this lot done the sooner I can go and get some more! A bit like going out on a North Sea trawler really. Now I am in the factory getting the catch ready for market.

This is the first one of the day – number 2550 for 2016. I have set a target of 10,000 new images for this year. It is a large sculpture by Cesar Manrique at the ‘Monumento al Campesino’ site in Lanzarote. Just about every roundabout on the island seems to have a Manrique sculpture.


The next step is to do a bit of internet research to find out more about the monument so that I can caption the photo properly.

“The distinctive Monumento a la Fecundidad created by César Manrique marks the entrance to the Monumento al Campesino in San Bartolomé. The white fertility sculpture was constructed from disused water tanks and dedicated to the conejero farmers who work so hard to produce crops from the volcanic land in Lanzarote. It stands 15 metres high and visitors can take the path to climb up the steps to the base of the monument for a panoramic view. The sculpture was created by Manrique in 1968 and the monument created by Jesus Soto who was tasked with creating a base suitable to withstand the wind in Lanzarote.”

I took five photos from slightly different angles including both horizontal and vertical views and with varied foregrounds, this one with people, others without.




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