Lunchtime drinking in Soho

This is in the famous – from Private Eye, Jeffrey Bernard and general Soho debauchery of the not so distant past- Coach and Horse pub in Greek Street, London (according to its website a traditional pub haunt of journalists and thinkers) Thinkers? Drinkers more like!



Taken back in 2005. Just a snapshot with my first digital  camera (Konica Minolta A200) and as you can see straight ‘out of the box’ – I don’t think I knew what post processing was back then. Still, a magazine has found it useful. Perhaps it is that snapshot, unprocessed look that appeals here or maybe there are few similar shots available. There is limited choice on Alamy 

Country: United Kingdom

Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine – print, digital and electronic
Print run: up to 500,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/8 page
Start: 01 February 2016
End: 01 February 2021
In-context digital use included. Duration – 1 month


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